Storm Damage

Inspection and Repair

We will inspect the damages to your home, and then your insurance adjuster will also do an inspection. Contact us today for roof, siding, and window damages services.

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Hail Damage

Roof and Gutters Damage Inspection and Repair

Hail can create soft spots in asphalt shingles and void most manufacturers’ warranties. Often, hail and wind damage can be hard to detect, so it’s important to have your roof assessed for damages before leaks form. Gutters are often damaged at the same time, so it’s the perfect time to replace both.
Siding Damage

Siding Repair

The severity of storm damage to your siding depends on the size of the hail and the speed of the wind. Wind driven hail can cause the vinyl siding to crack, and chip paint from metal, wood, and fiber-cement siding products. This is not just an eyesore. 

It can also leave the siding material exposed to moisture which can lead to premature aging. A "Priority Storm Damage Assessment" is important after severe weather to spot potential problems.

New Window

Energy-Efficient Windows

Storm damage can affect not just the look of your windows but also their sealing and thermal capabilities which help regulate the temperature and efficiency of your home. We will can get you the best energy-efficient replacement windows to fit your budget.

We only install the highest-quality windows for your peace of mind, and we partner with some the best names in the window industry. Let our team of experts help you.

Stress-Free Claim Process

Suffering damage due to severe weather can often be a stress-filled and confusing time in a homeowner’s life. Priority Construction Services would like to help reduce that stress by giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Procedure for Storm-Related Work

  • Initial Inspection: An inspection should be performed by your restoration contractor of choice.  
  • Initial Insurance Inspection: It's important that you have your contractor present during the inspection. As a homeowner, it's not your responsibility to know what storm damage is, and what it takes to make the necessary repairs.  
  • WIP (Work In Progress): It's during this step that the materials for your roof are going to be ordered, the permit will be pulled, and the project scheduled. Once the appointed day arrives, the crew will complete the work, and make notes of any damage that was hidden.
  • Project Completion: The work is finished, the contractor has signed off on their inspection, and now you will sign a completion certificate. This certificate along with a final invoice that includes all of the cost involved in the project will be sent to the insurance company for approval. Once approved, they will issue a check for the remaining balance.
  • Mortgage Company Sign-Off: Often, the final check will arrive with the mortgage companies' names. This needs to be sent to them for a signature. Your restoration contractors can help you handle this tedious task. 
  • This is a valuable service because in addition to the signature, many times the mortgage company will require an additional inspection, photographs, and seemingly endless forms before they will approve the signature.
  • Your contractor should have a system in place to make this a relatively stress-free, and streamlined event.
  • Enjoy: By now, the work has been completed. You have received the final check back from the mortgage and have paid for your project in full. 
  • If you were careful in your selection of the restoration contractor you should enjoy many trouble-free years. And because you chose a quality contractor, if something were to happen a few months down the road you will have someone there to come out and make things right. Speak to us today. 

Dependable Inspection Services

Most people only deal with weather-related damage to their home once in a lifetime. As a homeowner dealing with potential damages to your property, the first step is to get a clear understanding of whether your home has been impacted. Having an experienced contractor examine your property is recommended.  

Procedure for Repairs

  • First, we will explain the process to you so that you have a better understanding of how it works.
  • Next, we will measure and prepare a detailed estimate including all damaged areas of your home. We will then meet the insurance adjuster at your property to help point out damage and identify materials. As soon as you are satisfied with the adjuster's scope, we will aid in the selection of products to be used and finalize an agreement.
  • Your project will then be scheduled and all materials will be delivered.
  • Our professional crews will then tear off and replace the damaged roof, making sure to take care of any plants or valuables while roofing your home. Upon completion, we will do a final walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Learn More About Supplementing

You may have heard the term “supplementing” from your contractor or insurance company. This term can seem confusing to those outside of the contracting industry. The following should give you a good understanding of what supplementing is, and why it is necessary for most insurance-related projects. 

Get a Supplemental Estimate 

Unlike the standard remodeling project where the contractor reviews the project and gives you a price for the work, insurance estimates are first written by an insurance company's adjuster.  

Often after a large storm, these adjusters will be very busy and have a very small window of time to inspect a property. This leads to items being missed on the original estimate. The supplemental estimate prepared by your contractor is how you bring these additional items to the attention of the Insurance Company.
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